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Laminate Wooden Flooring for Indoor.
Dimension: 8*100*600mm.
Applications: Rooms, Halls, Offices, Auditorium, Shops, etc.

Herringbone laminate demonstrates a whole new approach to laminate flooring. Traditionally, herringbone has been associated with hardwood parquetry and engineered wooden flooring, which are often cost prohibitive and more difficult to install. The new herringbone laminate is also very durable and comes under warranty.


Herringbone floor does make any sized room look bigger, particularly smaller or narrower spaces such as hallways due to its pattern. Thanks to the illusion of movement given, this style of flooring is a fantastic space enhancer you should certainly consider for any room refresh. Herringbone patterns symbolizes status and elegance

Benefits of Herringbone Patterns:

  1. Adds Character to Rooms
  2. Durable and Long-Lasting
  3. Customized Look
  4. European Style
  5. Creates Movement and Space in Your Home

Herringbone flooring is a class above other types of wooden flooring. Though wooden floorings typically have a classical look, the herringbone pattern is very difficult to replicate and that’s why few companies manufacture it. The pattern adds an extra flair of sophistication to the floors, which contributes to the chic finishing that homeowners go for.

The zigzagging layout of a herringbone wood flooring installation creates arrows on your floor which produce the look of movement. This intricate design will bring some fluidity and life into your space.


AC rating:

An AC rating is the wear rating given to laminate flooring. It measures the resistance to abrasion, impact, and stains and indicates the durability of laminate. AC ratings are broken down into five levels ranging from AC1 - moderate residential use, to AC5-  intensive commercial use.

Our flooring is AC5 Laminate Flooring - This is close to the highest durability level and covers commercial areas that have a high level of footfall e.g. Restaurants, retail spaces, busy offices etc.

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